Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sales promotion and Personal selling

Chanel is an expensive brand and they don't offer many of sales because they have high standard products that are bought mostly by people with higher incomes. Clothing that are from past seasons have lower prices because people don't want to buy them (Fashionistas), clothing that is trendy cannot be lowered down unless is two years old or 1 season old. Chanel's fragrances and make up, usually have a gift with purchase,  Example: If you buy Chanel Chance you can get a body lotion and small perfume. Chanel has events when they launch their line or open a new store, they give the guests Chanel products , which lets the guest know what the new product is and show them that the product is trust worthy. Chanel opened their new Soho store in Fashion's Night Out 2010 , many celebrities were at the opening, the line of customers was long, people could meet Karl Lagerfeld and celebrities at the opening which caught the attention of many people. This event gave people the chance to interact with the Famous Designer. I was one of the people, meeting Karl Lagerfeld was of the best memories, this event showed people was Chanel is all about besides their bags and clothing, the offered free samples and the service was great. Chanel products are sold in Big department stores such as: Macy's, Saks at Fifth Ave and more. Macy's offers great deals on Chanel's perfumes since their customers get a greater value , they tend to shop Chanel's cosmetics or perfumes at this department store. Chanel has good quality products which allows a good relationship with customer (brand loyalty), their clothing is beautiful and gives the customer the feeling that they can feel great wearing their brand.

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